Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Stitch In Time

Me and the two who told me I could fly!
Donna, Me, Megan

We moved into our house shortly after you turned 3 years old. You, Donna, and Megan all shared the upstairs room bedroom. Donna slept in a twin bed and you and Megan shared a bunk bed. The floor was hard linoleum and for whatever reason your sweet sisters I believe told you that you could fly if you jumped off the top bunk bed. Well guess what, you didn’t fly you fell flat face first or should I say chin first on the hard floor. I don’t remember you crying very much, my guess is your sisters made sure you didn’t cry too much, but you came downstairs blood all over the place. Dad and I got you cleaned up a little and could tell you needed a few stitches. Dad and I packed all four of you girls into the car and off to Akron Children’s Hospital we went. When we got to the hospital they said you did need stitches but we had to wait a little bit. I went back with you and Dad stayed out in the waiting room with the other girls. You were so brave you never cried even when they gave you the Novocain shot you were very brave. When they started to stitch up your chin you squeezed my hand really hard so I asked if it hurt and the nurse got ticked at me and said all parents ask that and it just upsets the child. I said you had squeezed my hand so I was just checking, she was nice after that. You ended up with 13 stitches internally and externally you were a real champ and didn’t cry and didn’t let it bother you at all.
The story above is told by Mom. The only thing that I remember of the whole thing is that my sisters did tell me I could fly and the huge Popsicle wall at the hospital. I don’t know if the Popsicle wall is in fact real, but for some reason I remember the hospital people taking me to a wall full of popsicles and telling me I could pick out six. One for each member of my family. Then I remember showing them the popsicles I picked out for them and no one wanted to eat them so I got to eat all six of them. Now that I am thinking about it, it probably didn’t really happen, but it’s a great memory. Oh, and I also remember the ice cubes that we had to put on my chin where those plastic ones that you can freeze I again. I always thought those were the coolest. That’s all I remember about splitting my chin open.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love at First Sight

The Lovely Couple
How My Parents Met as told by my Mom...

I was in the YW Presidency and we were taking the YM /YW white water rafting in West Virginia. Uncle Joe was the YM President and lived across the hall from dad, he asked dad if he would like to go rafting with us. Dad had a motocross meet that weekend but when he was done he met up with us in WV. The first time I met your dad my heart went zing. We use to talk about how we felt for each other. Your dad said it was from the get go. We rafted without incident but on the way back on the bus through the mountains we were in an accident. Your dad was the first one up and asking if everyone was o.k. and then started helping people off the bus. That sealed the deal for me and he still is so carrying and concerned for others. We really didn’t see each other, maybe once at Sister Coleman’s that summer. In the fall the church was celebrating the Sesquicentennial with a dance. I asked Uncle Joe if he thought it was o.k. to ask dad to the dance. Uncle Joe said that since dad didn’t really like to dance he probably wouldn’t go. I decided to ask any way and dad said yes, I said that was fine but maybe some other time we could do something together. Dad said he thought he said yes, I kind of giggled and realized he said yes.
We started dating in November, got engaged in February and married in September. Dad joined the church the week before we got married. One year later we went to the Washington D.C. temple to be sealed for Time and all Eternity.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday's Child

Donna, Dad, Me, Megan, Mom

Donna, Me, Megan

They must really love me!

Donna, Megan,Me

Lindsey and Me at Lindsey's First Birthday!

Sophmore Homecoming

Saturday December 3, 1988 started out as most Saturdays, Donna and Megan played together and Dad was home from work doing things around the house. I got up and was feeling good and energetic which should have been a dead giveaway. I remember early in the day making Sweet and Sour Meatballs in the crock pot so while they cooked I cleaned the house. I dusted, vacuumed, washed the kitchen and foyer floor, played with Donna and Megan, and made lunch. I remember later in the afternoon I was feeling some light cramps nothing much and I only noticed them once in awhile. I remember right before we sat down to dinner I finished up cleaning the bathroom and walked past the mirror, I looked over at myself and saw how much the baby had dropped. That’s when I knew I was in labor. We sat down to eat and after a few minutes I told Dad I thought I was in labor. Dad about flipped out he jumped up and said we had better get to the hospital, I told him we didn’t need to leave right away we could finish dinner, and put the other girls to bed before we called my mom to come over. He wasn’t too keen on that plan, when I was in labor with Megan my water broke; we left immediately for the hospital which was only 10 minutes away. Dad dropped me off and parked the car; he barely made it to the delivery room that is how quick she came. We had new insurance and the hospital we had to go to was about 45 minutes away. We stuck to the plan and left for the hospital after Donna and Megan went to bed. My labor was textbook each stage just as the books write it. Dad was there right by my side the entire time and you were born on Sunday December 4, 1988.

I have discovered each of your births depict the kind of person each of you have grown into. Your labor was calm, I was able to accomplish a lot in the house including making a nice dinner while in labor, you came on the day you were due and it was an easy birth. You have always been an easy child and now young women to please and get along with you are a home body through and through, your room is neat and organized you stay calm in the midst of excitement. You have always been a blessing to our family and we so enjoy watching you and your successes in life.

Story told by: Mom (Beth)