Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rowing on the River!

Mom is telling this part of the story and I will finish it next week! Just to hold the suspense... I'll give you a little clue...I tend to be in the middle of many accidents. For Dad's 50th birthday I decided to surprise him with a little get away. I called his boss and arranged for a couple of days off from work. Megan was out visiting Donna in Idaho so when she came back she was coming into the Columbus airport and I bought a ticket for Donna to come back home with her. I sent Dad into the airport to get Megan and SURPRISE Donna was there too, he wasn't real sure what was going on so when he got back into the car I let him know that he had a few days off from work and we where going to a cabin I had rented in southern ohio. I think the cabin's name was Moose Lodge. It was sooooo far off the beaten path but it was really nice and cute. There was a patio with a grill and hot tub, 2 bedrooms and a great room with a nice kitchen. I had bought steaks from Marshalville for his birthday dinner and the day of his birthday we went on a canoe trip. The river was really too low but we didn't know that until they had dropped us off and left. Soooo Dad and Kelli went in one canoe and Mom, Donna, and Lindsey in another one. Megan stayed in the cabin. Well you and Dad did just fine we on the other hand not so good. I actually got out of the canoe and pushed and pulled it most of the way! Great fun I must say. As you and Dad where paddling along we were getting stuck on logs, rocks, pebbles you name it. We were having a hilariously fun time. There was one corner we rounded everyone in a canoe and there it was a log across the river, you and Dad had already got around it and were standing on top of it to help us. You two were as dry as a bone we were soaked especially me, not just soaked but my shoes where soggy and wet. You and Dad helped us get around the log without getting any wetter and you two were still as dry as a bone. So off we went finally the river was deeper and we were paddling and giggling having a great time then........ Story to be continued next week...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I read this email and it made me laugh! My mom (love her to death) has not one single sense of direction. It's been a joke in my family for the longest time that if mom says to go one way we go the other and we get there. I also love to find things. I don't know why but I do. My mom wrote this about me: Did you know that Kelli has an inborn (vs. on board) GPS. She can find anything! A lost button, ear ring, small stone, address! Whenever we drop anything we call Kelli to find it and she always does, always has and hopefully always will! When you girls where little you never wanted to go look at Christmas lights with mom because you were afraid we would get lost and rightly so. But now that you are older we can go and if you or Dad are in the car we won't ever get lost. It is a wonderful talent you have!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I was a bossy little thing

Story told by Aunt Karen: Being the only girl in our family, it was a joy having my nieces around. Kelli has always been a sweet and gentle person. She was always helping us do things in the kitchen. One day, Kelli and her mother and sisters came to my house to help me make some nut rolls for Christmas. I made the dough and needed to make the nut filling next. Kelli was waiting patiently to do her job of rolling the nut roll in sugar and putting it on the cookie sheet before baking. I went to the cabinet to get the food processor to chop the nuts and I knocked over the deep fryer that was filled with oil. Oil went all over the floor and made a huge mess. When everything was cleaned up and we were finally ready to get started, Kelli put her hand on her hip and said, “Aunt Karen don’t you ever do that again!” We could not quit laughing. I was being scolded by a 4 year old.