Sunday, April 4, 2010

Small Miracles on the River

Ok so we left off last week with my mom and sisters paddling and giggling and having a great time. We were all floating down the river and having tons of fun. Dad and I had the canoe with all the food and the book bag that had my dad’s wallet in it and the camera. My dad and I were always ahead of my mom and sisters canoe. We rounded the bend in the river and saw that our car was parked along the bank coming up which was our signal that we needed to get over to the bank and get the canoe out. Apparently I did not listen very well to the canoeing instructors when they were giving us instructions on how to get the canoe out of the water. My dad and I got the canoe over to the bank where we needed to get out of it. He told me to jump out and then pull the canoe up. So I jumped out of the canoe and proceeded to pull/ drag the canoe up the steep bank…vertically. I got the canoe with my dad and everything in it half way up the bank and thought in my head there is no possible way I am going to be able to pull all of this the rest of the way up this stinkin’ bank. I looked up just as my dad called my name and just in time to see the whole canoe with dad and its entire contents tip into the river. He came up from the water and gave me that “If you weren’t my favorite daughter look, I’d kill you.” I was trying really, super hard not to laugh as I was telling him I was so sorry when I heard my mom and sisters laughing. They had come around the bend just in time to see the whole thing take place. They were all laughing, but Donna was laughing so hard she was lying down with her ore out of the water. My dad grabbed the rest of the stuff out of the river and started to stalk up out of the water. I kept saying I was sorry, but at this point I was laughing because he had tried so hard to stay completely dry the whole trip down the river and now he was dripping wet and the wettest out of all of us. As we drove back to the cabin I was shunned to the back the car. When we got into the cabin we examined what damaged had been done to his wallet. Everything was completely soaked except for his temple recommend. It was bone dry. It was an adventure that makes all of us laugh every time we hear it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rowing on the River!

Mom is telling this part of the story and I will finish it next week! Just to hold the suspense... I'll give you a little clue...I tend to be in the middle of many accidents. For Dad's 50th birthday I decided to surprise him with a little get away. I called his boss and arranged for a couple of days off from work. Megan was out visiting Donna in Idaho so when she came back she was coming into the Columbus airport and I bought a ticket for Donna to come back home with her. I sent Dad into the airport to get Megan and SURPRISE Donna was there too, he wasn't real sure what was going on so when he got back into the car I let him know that he had a few days off from work and we where going to a cabin I had rented in southern ohio. I think the cabin's name was Moose Lodge. It was sooooo far off the beaten path but it was really nice and cute. There was a patio with a grill and hot tub, 2 bedrooms and a great room with a nice kitchen. I had bought steaks from Marshalville for his birthday dinner and the day of his birthday we went on a canoe trip. The river was really too low but we didn't know that until they had dropped us off and left. Soooo Dad and Kelli went in one canoe and Mom, Donna, and Lindsey in another one. Megan stayed in the cabin. Well you and Dad did just fine we on the other hand not so good. I actually got out of the canoe and pushed and pulled it most of the way! Great fun I must say. As you and Dad where paddling along we were getting stuck on logs, rocks, pebbles you name it. We were having a hilariously fun time. There was one corner we rounded everyone in a canoe and there it was a log across the river, you and Dad had already got around it and were standing on top of it to help us. You two were as dry as a bone we were soaked especially me, not just soaked but my shoes where soggy and wet. You and Dad helped us get around the log without getting any wetter and you two were still as dry as a bone. So off we went finally the river was deeper and we were paddling and giggling having a great time then........ Story to be continued next week...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I read this email and it made me laugh! My mom (love her to death) has not one single sense of direction. It's been a joke in my family for the longest time that if mom says to go one way we go the other and we get there. I also love to find things. I don't know why but I do. My mom wrote this about me: Did you know that Kelli has an inborn (vs. on board) GPS. She can find anything! A lost button, ear ring, small stone, address! Whenever we drop anything we call Kelli to find it and she always does, always has and hopefully always will! When you girls where little you never wanted to go look at Christmas lights with mom because you were afraid we would get lost and rightly so. But now that you are older we can go and if you or Dad are in the car we won't ever get lost. It is a wonderful talent you have!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I was a bossy little thing

Story told by Aunt Karen: Being the only girl in our family, it was a joy having my nieces around. Kelli has always been a sweet and gentle person. She was always helping us do things in the kitchen. One day, Kelli and her mother and sisters came to my house to help me make some nut rolls for Christmas. I made the dough and needed to make the nut filling next. Kelli was waiting patiently to do her job of rolling the nut roll in sugar and putting it on the cookie sheet before baking. I went to the cabinet to get the food processor to chop the nuts and I knocked over the deep fryer that was filled with oil. Oil went all over the floor and made a huge mess. When everything was cleaned up and we were finally ready to get started, Kelli put her hand on her hip and said, “Aunt Karen don’t you ever do that again!” We could not quit laughing. I was being scolded by a 4 year old.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Uncle Rich's and Aunt Karen's Story

Uncle Rich and Aunt Karen’s Story as told by Aunt Karen: I can’t remember the first time I met my husband, I probably was only 5 years old. I married the boy who lived across the street. We started dating, when I was 13. He seemed like he really liked me and he had a good sense of humor and could always make laugh. Rich was two years ahead of me in school, but we planned to get married as soon as I graduated. Those plans changed suddenly when he was drafted on April fool’s day 1968. He had already tested for each branch of the service and he decided to join the Marine Corp because they guaranteed him electronic schools if he signed for 4 years. After basic training and his basic electronic school, he came home at Christmas and we were married on December 28th 1968 in a small chapel at the foot of the mountains in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The chapel was decorated with red poinsettia plants, I wore my wedding gown and he wore his dress green uniform. He had to leave to go back for two radio repair schools and I was able to join him in San Diego, California. We went to North Carolina than he was sent to Viet Nam for one year. When he left I was 2 months pregnant with our first son. I was able to meet Rich in Hawaii for R+R and he got to meet our three month old son. After serving in Viet Nam we went to Virginia until Rich was discharged in May 1972. We moved to Ohio, had another son and 39 years later we still call Ohio home. We just celebrated our 41st anniversary and our love for each other is still strong.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I was/am a Clumsy Child!!!

The night we were banned from Ponderosa: as told by Mom. It was a Friday night Dad and I had worked all week and decided to take you girls out to dinner. I’m not sure why we choose Ponderosa I suppose it was because of the price; in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best choice with 4 small children. Ponderosa was a buffet restaurant you ordered your steak and while it cooked you went to the salad and potato bar. Well the first disaster of the evening was while at the salad bar you dropped a plate which broke and cut Megan’s foot, we shuffled you all back to the table with Megan crying and went up one at a time. Disaster number two, you were rocking back and forth in your booster chair , I caught you out of the corner of my eye and before I could tell you to stop you rocked the chair over into a fake tree, more crying I can’t remember if it was you or me. There also was a pretty nasty look from an older couple sitting next to us. We ate fast and left, Dad said that was it, no more out to dinner and we were going straight home. Being the eternal optimist that I am I convinced your dad that we should not bag the night but go on a walk in the Metro Parks. Disaster number three, we parked the car and all got out Dad warned everyone to be careful and no goofing around we walked for a very short while when you and Lindsey started skipping and again before I could say anything you wiped out. Skinned bloody knees and all, we got back in the car after not even 5 minutes and headed back home. It was such a ridiculous night Dad and I couldn’t do anything but laugh by now and tease that we were banned from Ponderosa. I have to say we never have been back since. AAHH the things memories are made of!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

These are the Moments...

I have always been the type of girl who once I figure out what I want to do I will always find a way to get. I try my hardest and put my whole heart into whatever it is I am trying to achieve. Deciding on which college to go to was no different. I came to Rexburg, Idaho for the first time when my family took my sister Donna out to college at BYU-I. I remember the university was just transitioning from a two year college to a four year college. As we were walking to get my sister’s books for her classes we walked in the middle of campus. At that moment I remember feeling as if this place and I had a history together. Strange I know. But the feeling was so strong that I could never doubt it and from that moment on I just knew that Brigham Young University- Idaho was the college that I would go to. When it came time for me to apply for colleges I knew that I only needed to apply for one and so I did. BYU-I was the only college that I turned an application into. I do not remember waiting with anxiety to hear if I had been accepted or not. I was stressed out as I always am with a huge decision, but I still always knew that I would be at this college. This is the place where I have learned so much and had so many amazing things happen that would not have happened anywhere else. Here I have witnessed divine moments. These are the moments that are shaping the rest of my life.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blind Date

St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church
How Grandma and Grandpa Met told by Grandma(Sally):
I worked with a girl named Sally at Halle’s department store at Westgate Mall in Rocky River. Sally was married to Bill who was good friends with a man by the name of Joe. Sally asked me if I would like to go out with a friend of Bill’s that was very nice and handsome. Bill asked Joe if he would like to go out with a sweet pretty girl Sally worked with. We both said yes and the four of us met up at a restaurant for dinner. Joe and I dated for about a year before we became engaged. Some of our favorite dates were going to the picture show (movies these days) and out to eat. We also babysat often for Joe’s sister and brother in law Ann and Nick’s son Teddy. One night when we were babysitting for Teddy Joe asked me to marry him and I said ….??? YES! Later we went together to pick out the ring. Grandpa and I were married on August 9, 1958 in St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church in Cleveland, Ohio. My best friend Diane Alberts and Aunt Ann were my bridesmaids and Grandpa’s cousin Walter was the best man, Uncle Don and Uncle Ray were both in the wedding party also. The wedding was very long and in Russian but very beautiful. When we were first married we lived in my mother’s house in Bay Village while she was in Florida then we bought our first house in Fairview Park. And the rest is history!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Stitch In Time

Me and the two who told me I could fly!
Donna, Me, Megan

We moved into our house shortly after you turned 3 years old. You, Donna, and Megan all shared the upstairs room bedroom. Donna slept in a twin bed and you and Megan shared a bunk bed. The floor was hard linoleum and for whatever reason your sweet sisters I believe told you that you could fly if you jumped off the top bunk bed. Well guess what, you didn’t fly you fell flat face first or should I say chin first on the hard floor. I don’t remember you crying very much, my guess is your sisters made sure you didn’t cry too much, but you came downstairs blood all over the place. Dad and I got you cleaned up a little and could tell you needed a few stitches. Dad and I packed all four of you girls into the car and off to Akron Children’s Hospital we went. When we got to the hospital they said you did need stitches but we had to wait a little bit. I went back with you and Dad stayed out in the waiting room with the other girls. You were so brave you never cried even when they gave you the Novocain shot you were very brave. When they started to stitch up your chin you squeezed my hand really hard so I asked if it hurt and the nurse got ticked at me and said all parents ask that and it just upsets the child. I said you had squeezed my hand so I was just checking, she was nice after that. You ended up with 13 stitches internally and externally you were a real champ and didn’t cry and didn’t let it bother you at all.
The story above is told by Mom. The only thing that I remember of the whole thing is that my sisters did tell me I could fly and the huge Popsicle wall at the hospital. I don’t know if the Popsicle wall is in fact real, but for some reason I remember the hospital people taking me to a wall full of popsicles and telling me I could pick out six. One for each member of my family. Then I remember showing them the popsicles I picked out for them and no one wanted to eat them so I got to eat all six of them. Now that I am thinking about it, it probably didn’t really happen, but it’s a great memory. Oh, and I also remember the ice cubes that we had to put on my chin where those plastic ones that you can freeze I again. I always thought those were the coolest. That’s all I remember about splitting my chin open.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love at First Sight

The Lovely Couple
How My Parents Met as told by my Mom...

I was in the YW Presidency and we were taking the YM /YW white water rafting in West Virginia. Uncle Joe was the YM President and lived across the hall from dad, he asked dad if he would like to go rafting with us. Dad had a motocross meet that weekend but when he was done he met up with us in WV. The first time I met your dad my heart went zing. We use to talk about how we felt for each other. Your dad said it was from the get go. We rafted without incident but on the way back on the bus through the mountains we were in an accident. Your dad was the first one up and asking if everyone was o.k. and then started helping people off the bus. That sealed the deal for me and he still is so carrying and concerned for others. We really didn’t see each other, maybe once at Sister Coleman’s that summer. In the fall the church was celebrating the Sesquicentennial with a dance. I asked Uncle Joe if he thought it was o.k. to ask dad to the dance. Uncle Joe said that since dad didn’t really like to dance he probably wouldn’t go. I decided to ask any way and dad said yes, I said that was fine but maybe some other time we could do something together. Dad said he thought he said yes, I kind of giggled and realized he said yes.
We started dating in November, got engaged in February and married in September. Dad joined the church the week before we got married. One year later we went to the Washington D.C. temple to be sealed for Time and all Eternity.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday's Child

Donna, Dad, Me, Megan, Mom

Donna, Me, Megan

They must really love me!

Donna, Megan,Me

Lindsey and Me at Lindsey's First Birthday!

Sophmore Homecoming

Saturday December 3, 1988 started out as most Saturdays, Donna and Megan played together and Dad was home from work doing things around the house. I got up and was feeling good and energetic which should have been a dead giveaway. I remember early in the day making Sweet and Sour Meatballs in the crock pot so while they cooked I cleaned the house. I dusted, vacuumed, washed the kitchen and foyer floor, played with Donna and Megan, and made lunch. I remember later in the afternoon I was feeling some light cramps nothing much and I only noticed them once in awhile. I remember right before we sat down to dinner I finished up cleaning the bathroom and walked past the mirror, I looked over at myself and saw how much the baby had dropped. That’s when I knew I was in labor. We sat down to eat and after a few minutes I told Dad I thought I was in labor. Dad about flipped out he jumped up and said we had better get to the hospital, I told him we didn’t need to leave right away we could finish dinner, and put the other girls to bed before we called my mom to come over. He wasn’t too keen on that plan, when I was in labor with Megan my water broke; we left immediately for the hospital which was only 10 minutes away. Dad dropped me off and parked the car; he barely made it to the delivery room that is how quick she came. We had new insurance and the hospital we had to go to was about 45 minutes away. We stuck to the plan and left for the hospital after Donna and Megan went to bed. My labor was textbook each stage just as the books write it. Dad was there right by my side the entire time and you were born on Sunday December 4, 1988.

I have discovered each of your births depict the kind of person each of you have grown into. Your labor was calm, I was able to accomplish a lot in the house including making a nice dinner while in labor, you came on the day you were due and it was an easy birth. You have always been an easy child and now young women to please and get along with you are a home body through and through, your room is neat and organized you stay calm in the midst of excitement. You have always been a blessing to our family and we so enjoy watching you and your successes in life.

Story told by: Mom (Beth)