Sunday, April 4, 2010

Small Miracles on the River

Ok so we left off last week with my mom and sisters paddling and giggling and having a great time. We were all floating down the river and having tons of fun. Dad and I had the canoe with all the food and the book bag that had my dad’s wallet in it and the camera. My dad and I were always ahead of my mom and sisters canoe. We rounded the bend in the river and saw that our car was parked along the bank coming up which was our signal that we needed to get over to the bank and get the canoe out. Apparently I did not listen very well to the canoeing instructors when they were giving us instructions on how to get the canoe out of the water. My dad and I got the canoe over to the bank where we needed to get out of it. He told me to jump out and then pull the canoe up. So I jumped out of the canoe and proceeded to pull/ drag the canoe up the steep bank…vertically. I got the canoe with my dad and everything in it half way up the bank and thought in my head there is no possible way I am going to be able to pull all of this the rest of the way up this stinkin’ bank. I looked up just as my dad called my name and just in time to see the whole canoe with dad and its entire contents tip into the river. He came up from the water and gave me that “If you weren’t my favorite daughter look, I’d kill you.” I was trying really, super hard not to laugh as I was telling him I was so sorry when I heard my mom and sisters laughing. They had come around the bend just in time to see the whole thing take place. They were all laughing, but Donna was laughing so hard she was lying down with her ore out of the water. My dad grabbed the rest of the stuff out of the river and started to stalk up out of the water. I kept saying I was sorry, but at this point I was laughing because he had tried so hard to stay completely dry the whole trip down the river and now he was dripping wet and the wettest out of all of us. As we drove back to the cabin I was shunned to the back the car. When we got into the cabin we examined what damaged had been done to his wallet. Everything was completely soaked except for his temple recommend. It was bone dry. It was an adventure that makes all of us laugh every time we hear it.

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