Sunday, March 7, 2010

I was a bossy little thing

Story told by Aunt Karen: Being the only girl in our family, it was a joy having my nieces around. Kelli has always been a sweet and gentle person. She was always helping us do things in the kitchen. One day, Kelli and her mother and sisters came to my house to help me make some nut rolls for Christmas. I made the dough and needed to make the nut filling next. Kelli was waiting patiently to do her job of rolling the nut roll in sugar and putting it on the cookie sheet before baking. I went to the cabinet to get the food processor to chop the nuts and I knocked over the deep fryer that was filled with oil. Oil went all over the floor and made a huge mess. When everything was cleaned up and we were finally ready to get started, Kelli put her hand on her hip and said, “Aunt Karen don’t you ever do that again!” We could not quit laughing. I was being scolded by a 4 year old.

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