Sunday, February 21, 2010

I was/am a Clumsy Child!!!

The night we were banned from Ponderosa: as told by Mom. It was a Friday night Dad and I had worked all week and decided to take you girls out to dinner. I’m not sure why we choose Ponderosa I suppose it was because of the price; in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best choice with 4 small children. Ponderosa was a buffet restaurant you ordered your steak and while it cooked you went to the salad and potato bar. Well the first disaster of the evening was while at the salad bar you dropped a plate which broke and cut Megan’s foot, we shuffled you all back to the table with Megan crying and went up one at a time. Disaster number two, you were rocking back and forth in your booster chair , I caught you out of the corner of my eye and before I could tell you to stop you rocked the chair over into a fake tree, more crying I can’t remember if it was you or me. There also was a pretty nasty look from an older couple sitting next to us. We ate fast and left, Dad said that was it, no more out to dinner and we were going straight home. Being the eternal optimist that I am I convinced your dad that we should not bag the night but go on a walk in the Metro Parks. Disaster number three, we parked the car and all got out Dad warned everyone to be careful and no goofing around we walked for a very short while when you and Lindsey started skipping and again before I could say anything you wiped out. Skinned bloody knees and all, we got back in the car after not even 5 minutes and headed back home. It was such a ridiculous night Dad and I couldn’t do anything but laugh by now and tease that we were banned from Ponderosa. I have to say we never have been back since. AAHH the things memories are made of!!

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